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A Storytelling Card Game About Beautiful Heroes with Tragic Backstories

You are an adventurer. You journey through dangerous lands in search of… well, that’s up to you. It’s a hard and dangerous life, and everyone has a different reason for taking it up.

But you are also royalty. From a distant land, or a nearby kingdom, you were born into wealth, power, and prestige. But you left it all behind. Why? Only you know.

You travel incognito, hiding your origin from those you travel with. One day you will return to your kingdom. One day you will take your rightful throne. But for now, you must keep your secrets at all costs.

On a rainy, moonlit night, you find yourselves sitting around a table in an unremarkable tavern in the middle of the city. There, your adventure begins.


Secret Prince is a fun and accessible pocket RPG for 3-5 players about building the most melodramatically tragic backstory for your fantasy character, a gorgeous and brooding hero who is secretly a royal heir on the run.

What tragic events led to your hero taking on the life of an adventurer? You'll find out as you and up to four friends journey through a fantasy land created by you, gather magical items, and build a unique backstory for your character.

Whoever has the most tragic backstory at the end of the game will take their rightful place on their throne. Until then, keep your secrets at all costs...



 3-5 Players

 2-3 Hours, 1 Session

 Ages 12+

 No GM or preparation required

 Fantasy adventure

 Comedic melodrama

 Cooperate with friends

 Only one person wins

 Roll to find out what happens

 Tell a story together

This is the plain text version of Secret Prince

Secret Prince is in development, and none of the graphic design has been done. This version of the game is completely playable, and will continue to be updated. The fully designed game will be made available in future, and the minimum price will increase.

Print & Play

Your download of Secret Prince includes print-ready .pdf files sized for A4. Make sure you have: access to a printer, good scissors (or, better, a guillotine), and patience.

All files in this product are in black and white, and do not require colour printing.

You also need 3 six sided dice and a couple of tokens. 


Included with your purchase of Secret Prince is a set of files ready to be uploaded to Roll20, or any other digital tabletop software that supports custom card decks. With a bit of patience, you can set up Secret Prince to be played online.

Development Roadmap

Secret Prince is fully playable, but still in development. All the key content is there, the text and stories on most cards is unlikely to change significantly. We are focusing on balancing and pacing, trying to make the game fun to play and quick to learn.

Once we are happy with the game, we plan to bring Secret Prince to Kickstarter to take pre-orders for a limited print run. This Kickstarter campaign will cover the costs of graphic design and illustration across all cards, plus printing, shipping, and potentially bonus cards, expansions, and custom dice. A print run is likely to be a one-time thing, so if you want to be sure you won't miss out, follow us on Twitter and sign up to our mailing list.

The full colour print & play version of the game will be made available after the Kickstarter. The 'plain' version will also remain available for black and white printing.

Let's Talk About Price

Secret Prince isn't finished yet, but our team has already poured many months of work into it. If you have the means, we strongly encourage you to make a contribution to support our team and the ongoing development of Secret Prince.

However, we also want you to consider backing the Kickstarter campaign when it comes around to get a physical copy of the game, and/or a digital copy distributed through itch.io. And we totally get that you don't want to buy a game twice!

That's why we've set the price as Pay What You Want. We think Secret Prince is worth buying now, but it's up to you to decide how you want to support our team. No judgement, no questions.

When Secret Prince is updated to its final pre-Kickstarter version, including basic art and layout, we will set a fixed price, and set up a community copies system for people experiencing hardship or marginalisation in the tabletop gaming space. 


Games & Good Company respectfully acknowledges the Wurundjeri people and the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the land on which the majority of our work takes place. We pay respects to elders past, present, and emerging.


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Is this game still in development since 2020?


I played this game at ArcanaCon and it was wild fun! The story cards each player takes turns drawing provide great prompts for your adventures, while leaving enough room for each player to add their own creative flair. This game is great for telling wild and dramatic stories with your friends and being surprised at what chaos you find/cause!

The mechanics are quite straight forward and easy to pick up. Once you play you can easily teach others. Definitely recommend!